Suman M.
Harris County Youth Village
Seabrook, United States
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Students will be able tol earn the ways of communication of ancient times. 

Social Studies
Grades 9
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1 attention getter

khan academy video


Student Instructions



2 Techer instruction

collecting different types of pictures cuneiform with some language information to understand and discussing how the languages, pictures, videos, and technology make a big difference to learn the things by so many different learning styles

Student Instructions

 students read the picture cards given the information about cuneiform with the language and write down the meaning, small group activity and share your work


3 Guided practice

reading to students, youtube lessons, recorded lesson for different skills, power point presesntation

Student Instructions

working on listening, visual skills. student  answer questions, discussing in groups,   

4 independent practice

pass out index cards 

Student Instructions

Create their own cuneiform iconographic image using an index card and colored pencils

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Presenting


Student Instructions

Students are going to present their own cuneiform from index card they created