Lesson Plan

Cognitive and Behavoiral Psychology

Students will be introduced to reinforcment schedules and begin for to prepare for a larger unit project.

Behavioral Consequences

•SW demonstrate remembering of consequences

•SW describe the affect of consequences on behavior

Reinforcement Schedules

•SW demonstrate remembering of reinforcement schedules

•SW apply knowledge by creating their own examples

•SW evaluate the effectiveness of the different reinforcement schedules

Social Studies
Grades 10 – 12
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Student Notes

1 Hook - Kahoot

Free, Paid

Load the Kahoot and distribute the join code to the class.

Student Instructions

Join the Kahoot with appropriate name and answer the questions do the best of their ability.

2 Direct Instruction - Nearpod

Free, Paid

Create the Nearpod before class. Share the presentation during class

Student Instructions

Follow the Nearpod and actively respond to the questions.

3 Guided Instruction - Padlet - Interactive Questions

Free, Free to try, Paid

Teacher will explain examples of intermittent reinforcement and provide examples.

Student Instructions

Students will complete their own examples of intermittent reinforcement and review with class for  accuracy.

4 Independent Practice - Xmind

Create an example Xmind for students.

Student Instructions

Students will follow xmind demonstration and complete the assignment for homework.

5 Wrap Up - Nearpod

Free, Paid

Teacher will explain the direction of the unit and preview what is to come.

Student Instructions

Students will follow along in the Nearpod.