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Clocks Part 4

Writing and comparing time
Mathew K.
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Downey Elementary School
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Students will be able to...

  • Students will write the correct time shown on an analog clock. (In 5 minute increments)
  • Students will create analog clocks with given times.
  • Students will compare analog and digital clocks correctly.
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

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  • Teacher will review previous lessons' content and key points. Teacher will assess class through questions and student responses. Responses will determine if students are ready to move on.
  • Once understanding is demonstrated, teacher will play animoto video showing students the newest lesson for the day. Video will show analog clocks and their corresponding digital clocks. Students should begin to see similarities in times of both clocks given.
  • Video can be paused or played later to revisit key components.
  • Once movie is over teacher will ask students if they saw similarities in clocks that were shown in video. Look for students to make comparisons between the time on the digital and analog clocks which were the same.
  • Discuss with students the differences in clocks and their names (analog and digital).
Student Instructions
  • Students watch video on whiteboard. If needed they can watch on iPad in quiet area.

2 Procedure

Direct Instruction:

  • Teacher will provide instruction through the sock puppet app. This app will be projected onto whiteboard while teacher is writing/providing examples of instruction. The app will provide students with a fun presentation of information. Instruction will go over determining times on analog clocks and making comparisons to their digital counterparts. 
  • Teacher will use color coordination with clocks and with digital clocks to help students make connection between where hours and minutes are located.

Guided Practice:

  • Teacher will begin Nearpod presentation on board to begin whole-class practice of content. Students will have opportunity to answer questions as a class to demonstrate understanding. Presentation will assess students understanding of telling time on both digital and analog clocks, comparing digital and analog clocks, and correctly writing times from analog clocks.

Independent Practice:

  • Once presentation is complete students will begin their Socrative assignment. Students will answer similar questions, but will be doing so independently. Students will have opportunities to aks teacher and other students for help on questions. 
  • Teacher will assess student understanding through results of Socrative activity.
  • Once completed students can move onto early finisher activities.
Student Instructions
  • Students will watch sock puppet presentation and participate in lesson.
  • Students will utilize interactive presentation on Nearpod to demonstrate understanding of comparing times. Students will also have opportunity to write correct times for clocks given.
  • Students will log into Socrative to complete activity to review lesson content.

3 Wrap Activity

  • Students will alternate between activity and study guide creation. Activity is online based game that allows students to use material just learned (comparing clocks) and apply it towards a fun activity.
Student Instructions
  • Students will log onto computers and complete activities. Students can also play previous games once completed.

4 Wrap Study Guide

  • Students will create final study guide based on last lesson. Students will create a cheat sheet as a class. Students will provide each other with facts from the lesson on the board.  
  • Students will complete while alternating with other activity. Students will also be given time to complete during next day.
  • The next day teacher will provide students with opportunity to study content from previous lessons and ask questions. Students will be given opportunity to present their study guides to help others during study time.
Student Instructions
  • Students will choose tool they are most comfortable with and create a brief study guide for the lesson.