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Clocks Part 3

Hands and Numbers
Mathew K.
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Downey Elementary School
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3
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Students will be able to...

  • Students will associate clock hands with their corresponding numbers.
  • Students will correctly identify clock hands as minutes and hour hands.
  • Students will correctly illustrate a clock with the given time.
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

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  • Using Plickers, have students respond to questions from previous two lessons. Revisit problems, re-teach if necessary. 
  • Using a Nearpod presentation, students will have opportunity to answer questions about two different clocks. One clock has hour hand and corresponding numbers inside clock, while the other clock has a minute hand and corresponding numbers (multiples of 5) on outside of clock. Teacher will ask questions about what hand is being used on the clock and what that hand is pointing too. 
  • Students should become comfortable with the numbers and hands on the clock.
Student Instructions
  • Students use Plickers cards to answer questions based on previous lessons.
  • Students can access Nearpod presentation from either iPad or on whiteboard.

2 Procedure

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Prezi Classic
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Guided Practice:

  • Teacher uses Prezi to introduce new materials. Students will be introduced to a full clock and determining if it is an hour or minute hand. Once understanding is established students will add both minutes and hours on the clock. 
  • Students will be asked to provide missing numbers on the clock for both minutes and hours. 
  • Using color coded clocks in presentation, hour hand/numbers are red and minute hand/numbers blue, students will identify the numbers represented by each given clock.
  • Teacher will students state how many hours and how many minutes each clock is showing. Students will be able to combine both numbers to provide the time.
  • All students will demonstrate understanding of content by answering questions during presentation.

Independent/Guided Practice:

  • Teacher will discuss with students about the differences in both hours and minutes. Teacher will help students create list and take reasonable answers from all students to write on board. 
  • Once list is reviewed students will create a Popplet in 2 separate groups. One group will provide facts about minutes giving 3+ examples and pictures, while the other will provide the same amount of facts for hours.
  • The groups will provide examples about minutes/hours. Students can use list created by class.
  • Once completed, teacher will create a Venn Diagram to compare/contrast minutes and hours. Students will present Popplet to class and then will decide if the fact is true and where it would be placed on Venn Diagram.
Student Instructions
  • Students will watch Prezi on whiteboard and follow along with questions accompanying it.
  • Students will be in small groups to create a Popplet. Groups will make a small map of examples focusing on their topic (hours/minutes).

3 Review

  • Teacher will provide students with opportunity to review concepts learned by participating in clock game. Students will be given time to practice new skills and demonstrate understanding.
  • Students will alternate between this activity and completing their end of lesson study guide.
Student Instructions
  • Students will play game on computers that is provided to them.

4 Wrap

  • Students will alternate between creating study guide and participating in online review game. Students will be given opportunity to finish study guide during early finisher time, end of day, and morning meeting.
  • Students will assist in creation of cheat sheet. The cheat sheet will be on whiteboard for students to take information from. 
  • Students will have opportunity to share when completed. They will also have access at home to share and study as well.
  • Before end of class students will have an exit ticket to complete. They will be asked to write the time of day at end of class. (Teacher will make the time near a multiple of 5 that they are familiar with).
Student Instructions
  • Students will utilize time on tablet/computer to complete game and create new study guide.