Lesson Plan

Clocks Lesson 2

Focus on the numbers (minutes and hours)
Mathew K.
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Downey Elementary School
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Students will be able to...

  • Students will identify key parts of the clock including hour/minute hands, clock face, and correct placement of numbers.
  • Students will count by 5's to represent minutes on the clock (0-60).
  • Students will associate ticks/lines on a clock as 1 minute each.
  • Students will identify the number the hour/minute hand is pointing toward.
Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

  • Teacher asks students review questions from previous day. Questions can be multiple choice and yes/no. Teacher will use plickers to poll the room and check student responses.
  • Teacher will use  results as a starting point for lesson. Review if needed.
  • Teacher introduces clock on board (large physical clock,  clock on whiteboard etc.). Teacher asks students to identify parts of the clock (review).
  • Teacher asks students to identify the notches/lines in between each number/hour. Teacher accepts all reasonable answers. Inform students that each line represent 1 minute. 
  • Allow students to come to board to count on the clock.
Student Instructions
  • Students use plickers cards to answer questions in classroom.
  • Students will each participate in counting on the clock.

2 Procedure

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Direct Instruction:

  • Have students sit in small groups. Provide each group with iPad to participate in lesson. Teacher will rotate among groups to make sure directions are followed and questions are answered. 
  • Students will follow Tellagami video learning about counting by 5's. Video will allow students to explore counting by 5's at their desk with manipulative materials. Video will tell students how many groups of 5 to create and students will count by 5 how many objects they have.
  • Once students successfully complete Tellagami video they can stay in small groups to participate in next part.

Guided Practice:

  • Return to large clock on board. Have students discuss what the lines on the clock reminds them of. If "a number line" is not an answer deconstruct the clock into a line that still has numbers/hours under corresponding lines. Look for correct answer of number line.
  • Once students see number line have students come to board and add sections of numbers until entire number line is complete (0-60).
  • Ask students if they see pattern on number line. Look for students recognize that each hour/number has the minute counting by 5's (1-5, 2-10, 3-15, etc.).
  • Reconstruct clock and have students place the appropriate minute around the clock at each number (counting by 5's).
  • Students go back to desks.

Independent practice:

  • Students will practice identifying the number of minutes (in multiples of 5) from pictures on flashcards (Quizlet). Pictures will be of the hour numbers on clock and student identifies corresponding minute to match. Students check own answers on flashcards.
  • Once students practice they review with teacher.
Student Instructions
  • Students will locate Tellagami video to watch and follow video to learn about counting by 5's. Students will use iPad to watch video.
  • Students will use Quizlet to review counting by 5's. 

3 Wrap up

  • To review students will create a Haiku deck as a class to represent counting by 5's around a clock. Students will be asked to group items together into 5's. Pictures will be counting by 5's from 5-60. Students will place pictures in order.
  • Students will be asked to complete their study guide for the lesson following their "cheat sheet". Each student will either complete Educreation or ThingLink. Students can change from previous study guide, or keep the same one.
    • Students will have opportunity to complete as an early finisher activity or during free time at end of day/morning meeting next day.
  • Students have opportunity to share with class.
Student Instructions
  • Students will take pictures around class for Haiku deck. Pictures will be added from camera roll.
  • Students will complete study guide using app they are most comfortable with.