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As a class students will as a class create a classroom dictonary on google docs that will be added to throughout the year
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Students will be able to identify unfamiliar vocabulary words, look up and define these words, and use them in a meaningful sentence.  

Students will be able to use a Google Doc to create a classroom dictionary.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 12
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Google Drive
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Students will log onto Google Classroom and open the Classroom Dictionary Document. 

Explain that this document will be added to throughout the year and is to be used as a resource.  Explain that students will be responsible to add at least one vocabulary word, definition, and sentence using the word a week. The words should be new words that they come across in their reading from class.

Further explain that, students may asked to use these words in essays, presentations, and they may even be tested on these words.  


Model for students how to look up and define words and put them in sentences in the shared Google Doc. Model the format and components


Provide students with a list of words for the upcoming reading. Assign each student a word and ask them to add the word, definition, and sentence as modeled into the Google Doc.

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