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Classifying Rocks

Students will classify rocks based on their properties.
Kandis T.
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My Grades 3
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Students will be able to...

  • classify rocks by two properties (size, shape, color, texture, etc.)

  • divide rocks in two groups

  • make sub groups of each category


Grades 3
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1 Hook

Have the students watch the “Rocks and Minerals” video on their iPad or laptop.

Student Instructions

After watching the video, students will take the easy and hard quizzes independently on their device to test their knowledge. Student scores are saved in the scores section on their device. Students must show their scores to the teacher.

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will create a group on Edmodo for students to join. Prior to this lesson, the teacher needs to find several pictures showing classification of objects into two groups, and then those same objects into sub groups. Save the pictures to his or her computer. Then, the teacher will upload the pictures to Edmodo as a file. This will be used as direct instruction to teach students how to classify objects into groups and sub groups.

Student Instructions

Using their device, students will join the teachers Edmodo group. Then, students will click on the pictures that the teacher uploaded and open them in GoodNotes. This will put the images in students’ hands as the teacher is discussing how the groups are classified. Students will be able to see the images up close on their own device. By opening them in GoodNotes, students can write, draw, type, or highlight on the pictures to help with classification.

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

The teacher will give the students 12 different rocks. In pairs, the students will classify them into two categories, or groups, based on their properties. The teacher will walk around the room helping each group determine what categories to classify their rocks into. The teacher will offer as much support as needed.  

Student Instructions

In pairs with help from the teacher, students will classify their 12 rocks into two groups based on their properties. Once their two groups are checked for accuracy, students will begin a Popplet to create a graphic organizer of their classifications.

4 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

The teacher will now inform students to take their two groups and break them into sub groups. For example: Students may have two main groups called shiny and dull. Their sub groups could be shiny smooth, shiny rough, dull smooth, and dull rough.

Student Instructions

In their same pairs as before, students will create their sub groups based off of rock properties. Students will add their sub groups to their Popplet . Then, students will export their Popplet by clicking on save JPEG. This will save their Popplet on their camera roll on their iPad.

5 Wrap-Up

The teacher will guide students to create a Tellagami using their Popplet as the background for their Tellagami. The teacher will post his or her email for students to email their Tellagamis.

Student Instructions

Students will go to the Tellagami app to create a short video describing the rock classification Popplet that they made. They will import their Popplet from their camera roll as their background picture for their Tellagami. Students will record their short video and share it through email with the teacher.