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Claims Evidence and Reasoning in TV Commercials--Using QR Cubes

Students Use QR Code Cubes to identify claims and evaluate evidence and reasoning in TV Commercials
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My Grades 7, 8
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Students will be able to...identify and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text. Students will be able to assess whether he reasoning is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient. 

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

Choose the advertisement that appeals to you (catches your attention). In 1-3 sentences, explain why it is appealing to you.

2 I Do

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Prezi Classic
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  • Teacher goes over learning targets and questions to consider during the lesson.
  • Teacher asks students to high five person next to him or her because they will be partners today. Whoever is youngest of the two is designated partner A and the oldest is partner B.
  • Teacher introduces new material with anecdote about Super Bowl Ads. Teacher poses question: What are companies trying to accomplish with commercials? ---Turn and Talk to your partner and discuss what is the purpose of commercials. Partner A--15 Seconds, Partner B--15 Seconds ---Share-out of 1 minute to elicit 1-2 responses.
  • Teacher explains that the goal of commercials is to convince the audience of their point of view.
  • Teacher explains that the three main elements used as: Claim(s): What the author wants you to know believe or do Evidence: How the author supports what he or she wants you to know or believe Reasoning: Why the evidence makes sense (How the evidence supports the claim)
  • Teacher links this skill lesson to content by stating: Like commercials, the purpose of many historical documents is to convince the reader about his or her point of view about a person, place or idea. For this reason, it is very important for us as historians to learn how to analyze these texts critically in order to gain accurate insight on historical topics.
  • Teacher restates learning targets by saying: Today we will determine the purpose of TV commercials by identifying the claim and evidence presented int he commercial, as well as determining whether the reasoning makes sense.
  • Teacher models thinking by stating: What is the commercial trying to persuade or convince me to believe? How is the commercial trying to persuade or convince me? Does the way it is trying to convince me make sense?
  • After the video of the commercial has played, teacher models identifying claim and evidence as well as evaluating the reasoning by stating: Claim: If I care about the environment, I should buy a Kia Niro. Evidence: The Kia Niro has great fuel efficiency. Reasoning: It can be very hard to make an impact on protecting the environment, but you can take a small step by having a more fuel efficient car.

3 We Do

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  • As a class we practice identifying claim and evidence as well as evaluating the reasoning using a second commercial.
  • Teacher instructs: Partner A, please focus on the claim (what the commercial is trying to convince us to do Partner B, please focus on the evidence (how it is trying to convince us).
  • Teacher scaffolds using the following questions and sentence starter: What does this Nike commercial do to make you want to buy Nike Football gear? "If you wear Nike Football gear, then you will..." after the commercial ends, the teacher prompts: Discuss with your partner and identify the claim and evidence for the commercial. Write your answers on the graphic organizer. (15 seconds)
  • Teacher allows 1 minute to discuss the following: Is the reasoning in the advertisement sound? In other words, do the reasons they give for why you should buy Nike gear actually make sense? Just wearing Nike gear means you'll be able to get one massive hit and crazy tackle after another as a defender and one unstoppable run after another as a running back. Is this realistic? Does this make sense?

4 You Do 1

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Students are allowed 2 minutes to practice identifying claim and evidence as well as evaluating the reasoning using a third commercial. They will access this commercial using the QR Cube and the iPad (teacher will quickly demonstrate how to use the QR Codes and Cubes).

5 Independent Practice

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In partnerships, students practice identifying claim and evidence as well as evaluating the reasoning using the QR cube to access commercials in 3 minute intervals.

6 Closing

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  • Teacher asks one student to explain the purpose of the lesson to the class.
  • Teacher closes lesson by stating: Remember for a deeper analysis of a texts, whether they are commercials or primary and secondary source historical documents, make sure to identify the claim(s) and evidence, and evaluate the reasoning!
  • Exit Ticket: Please open the Socrative Student Application on your iPad and write PRATSS in the classroom name. Please answer the questions.