Lesson Plan

Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

Students practice finding and properly citing online and print sources
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Students will be able to...

locate sources for a "practice" research topic

complete a Collins Type II writing prompt

generate proper MLA style Works Cited page entry for two sources (one print, one online)

generate a proper MLA style parenthetical reference for each source


English Language Arts
Grades 11 – 12
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Show the SchoolTube video Plagiarism: Don't Do It!  After viewing, students should complete a Collins Type II writing: "Write a definition of plagiarism and list a minimum of four ways to avoid it."


Student Instructions

Watch the video, taking notes throughout. Be prepared to define plagiarism and be able to discuss ways to avoid it.


Activity: Presenting

This direct instruction/lecture piece introduces students to the online resource The Owl at Purdue. Take students through the material on the website step by step, emphasizing the most common types of resources that they will be using for their research.

Student Instructions

As I go through the website, you should take notes and ask questions.


Activity: Other — Modeling

In this step, the teacher models how to create an appropriate, correct MLA citation for the Works Cited page AND parenthetically reference the material used.

Student Instructions

Watch, listen, get clarification if needed


Activity: Creating

Distribute note cards (one per student) with a random topic printed on the back (unlined side) of each one.

Instruct students that they must find information about the topic from two source: one online and one print.

Under the topic on the unlined side, they must have at least one bullet point or quote about the topic from each source, including page number where relevant. 

On the lined side, students will create an appropriate, acccurate Works Cited entry for each source.

Student Instructions

Look at the topic printed on the back of your note card. You must find ONE print source and ONE online source about your topic.

Under the topic, write at least one quote or paraphrase from each source, adding page numbers if appropriate

On the LINED side, create the two citations as they would appear on your Works Cited page.


Activity: Presenting

Using the document camera, randomly display completed citation cards and get class feedback on their accuracy.

Student Instructions

As I display a card on the document camera, think about what you know about Works Cited entries. Turn and talk to your partner about the accuracy/correctness of the entry.