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Christmas Project

Students learn all the ingredients for Christmas
Shyhpeng L.
Classroom teacher
Westside Elementary School
Five Points, United States
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My Grades 2
My Subjects English Language Arts

1.Students will be able to sing a song or two Christmas carols.

2.They also will learn the origin of Christmas.

3.They can identify some of the keys words related to Christmas holidays.

4. If time permits,  kids can also act out a drama to feature the birth of Jesus.

English Language Arts
Grades 2
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1 Introduce the popular song "We wish you a Merry Christmas"

1.Teacher Mark will show the video clip by Singing Hands first  to arouse their interest As the song indicates, hand motions will capture kids attention. 

2. After singing the song couple of times, kids will learn to do the motions as they sing the song.

Student Instructions

1. Breakdown the hand motions, so the kids can follow.

2. Some kids can pick up the hand motions more quickly. They can be the model and help the slower ones.

2 Key words related to Christmas

1. Teacher uses TinyTap to illustrate the key words related to Christmas

2. As each page unfold, have kids remember the key words.

3. Kids recite the words.

4. Show the video clip on "Birth of Jesus"

5. If time allows, have kids act out a drama on "Birth of Jesus"

Student Instructions

1. Watch the app two or three times to familiarize the kids with the words.

2. Kids have their corresponding word and picture cards ready to match .

3. Kids take turns to voice out their match pairs. They sound out the words using the Elkonin way.

4. Kids put key elements (words) in order to demonstrate their understanding of the story.

3 key slides from Reading Project

Task-Based Learning Framework

pre-task: "Guess the word on the Board"

1.Procedural language used by the teacher to set up the activity

Student Instructions

2. Functional language used by the students to complete the activity

3. Target Language