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Chop, Measure, Wash & Sew

This after school adventure series is a collaborative home economics boot camp for children and tweens where students will learn and reinforce math skills through play.
Tienya S.
Librarian - Branch Manager
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Learn tool safety, basic knife skills, and how to dice, slice, and chop (week 1)

Learn how to measure, weigh, and mix various dry and liquid ingredients (week 2)

Learn how to read manufacturer clothing labels and symbols and sort, hand wash, and dry clothing (week 3)

Learn tool safety, how to sew a running stitch and hem and how to sew on a button (week 4)

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Grades 3
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

Students will be divided into teams of 3 or 4.  Each team will have a list of word, tools, journals and challenge description on their tables.  Each group, will be given 15 minutes to learn each other's names, decide on a team name, identify the objects on their table, vote on a challenge and record their team information in their journals.  All the groups will be instructed to use Kahoot to enter their group name and post their group's challenge.

2 Directed Instruction

Students will watch a 3-5 minute video of a new skill where they will learn about tool safety and how to respectfully use tool(s).  Students will be asked to record what they observed in their journals and to share out within their groups.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will be given activity tools and shown new skill.  Each group will have one or two group demonstrators.   The skill will be taught in short steps and repeated for each student. All students will have an opportunity to learn the skill with a demonstrator.  Once students learn the new skill, they are encouraged to complete the project independently in their group.

4 Group Challenge & Wrap-up

Activity: Creating

Students will collaborate with their group members to create an object, complete a timed task, or to play a competitive game where they must competently practice their new skills.  Before the activity, the students will be reminded that team work, planning, tool safety and creativity are essential to the success of their team.

For design challenges, students will be encouraged to diagram their group's object before building, assembling, or mixing.  This step will ensure that everyone in the group is in agreement or at least knows what it is the group is creating.

Before game challenges, each group must select a challenge leader in their group.  The group leader keeps track of time and makes sure all the group members are working together.

After the challenge students must write about their experiences in their journals.