Lesson Plan

Children’s City Pride Museum Project (created with our Common Sense PLN, Northside Ninjas!)

Students will work in groups to create their own virtual exhibit to showcase their city!
Ashley J.
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Saint Clement School
Chicago, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

  • collaborate in groups to create an exhibit.
  • be part of the elements of design.
  • create oral presentations.
  • understand and identify how a museum organizes its collections.
  • analyze why they love their city.
  • create a digital exhibition full of curated and created artwork showcasing pride in their city.
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 6
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1 Hook - Students will complete a scavenger hunt around the website Chicagohistory.org

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Project the chicagohistory.org website and identify common areas of the website where they will "hunt."


Student Instructions

Students will work in small groups to answer the guided scavenger questions that are geared to the exhibitions in a shared Google Document with the teacher. Here are some sample questions: What tabs are found under kids and family? Name two exhibits currently at the museum. How many exhibits are there? What are the names of three exhibits?


2 Direct Instruction - Introduce the concept of exhibits with a concept map on the application Inspiration

Inspiration Maps VPP
Free to Try, Paid

What makes the website appealing or easy to use? Was it easy to navigate? How do you think they decide what to make an exhibit of? If you could make your own tab, what would it be? What was your favorite and least favorite part of the website and why? What parts of the chicago history website did you find appealing and why?

Student Instructions

Students will work in small groups to create a concept web about what types of exhibits their museum will have as well as what would be shown within each exhibit.


3 Guided Practice - Field trip to Chicago History Museum (or local museum) to meet with Curator(s)

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Share, model, and guide sample questions. Role model etiquette (shaking hands, eye contact, etc.)


Student Instructions

Create Q & A for curator using GAFE. Film interview with iPads (or any digital mobile device) and iMovie.


4 Independent Practice - Design virtual exhibition for Children's City Pride Museum

Guided "App Playground" to try out all tech tools. By end, groups will choose one tool or teachers may select the tool for each group.


Student Instructions

Using Prezi, iMovie, Shadow Puppet, Wiki, or Weebly.

5 Wrap Up - Museum Grand Opening (for classmates, teachers, and parents)

Prepare students for exhibit by practicing presentations. Optional: Peer review and record practice presentations. Teachers and students will refer to Read Write Think Oral Rubric.


Student Instructions

Students showcase exhibits on Children's City Pride Museum Grand Opening Night where fellow classmates, teachers, parents, and staff are invited. Students will present using school machines, using the tech tool of their choice (see tools in the Independent Practice section). Afterwards, all exhibits will be posted on classroom or school website for people to visit virtually.