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Along with a fit body, a child also needs a healthy mind to shape their future successfully. But while physical exercises are focused upon in the growing years, mental exercises usually take a backseat.

Without adequate mental activities during the years when a child starts understanding things, there is a major possibility that he/she would suffer from problems, like forgetfulness, mental numbness, loss of concentration, etc.

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1 Online Chess Lessons

While you can teach chess to your child, taking out time on a regular basis can be difficult. And when you start looking for an experienced tutor around your home, dropping and picking your child to and from the institute can get troublesome, and notwithstanding the fact that these trainers can be quite expensive. A better solution is to opt for online chess lessons.

There are some great chess tutorials available online which can do a fantastic job of teaching not just the basic but advanced skills of playing chess. As the child always has a tutor to help them out, point their mistakes and sharpen their strategies, they can be more confident with the game and overtime, would be able to play with opponents with any skill level or age.

2 Practice Games Available 24 x 7

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Moreover, apart from the live tutorials, there are many practice games available on these websites where your child can start playing a game of chess at any time of the day. These practice games will further improve their chess playing skills, making them a better player.

As the modern kids already love technology and gadgets, they are sure to enjoy the experience of learning chess online. Rather than playing violent games on their computers, they will start playing chess which will not just entertain them but will have a massive impact on their mental capabilities as well.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your child's physical as well as mental health. While physical exercises are usually a part of their curriculum at school, online chess tutorials can provide them with the mental nourishment that they need.

Albert Fishman has been involved in teaching chess since 1996 and is part of theĀ IchessUĀ coaching staff. IchessU is the best online chess school and their coaches are titled masters and grandmasters. Their students enjoy private or group chess lessons in our online chess club.