Lesson Plan

Character Tweets

Students will have twitter discussion in the P.OV. of Literature Characters
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Students will be able to: 

  • Understand the characters Point Of View
  • demonstrate an understanding of theme
  • Have a conversation in the voice of other characters
English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 12
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

I will show video clips and read conversations from classic literature.  I will then ask the students what they think the characters are saying.  The students will describe how they would have the same conversation.  

2 Direct Instruction

We will explain how language is different now than it was when different works were writtern.  We will also explain what point of view and I will show examples of different people's point ov view.  I will highlight some famous people's twitter pages and conversations. (will check ahaead of time to make they are all appropriate)

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

I will open a todaysmeet.com page and have a discussion with my students about current events.  We will then do a current topic and I will have students choose sides.  

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Conversing

With a partner, the students will write out their twitter style conversation/debate.  They will review eachothers' work.  They wil then go to another groups and review that groups work and make suggestions.  

5 Wrap-Up

Free, Paid

The students will use Twitter or Todaysmeet.com to have their twitter like debate/conversation.  If the technology is not available the students can write their conversations on a whiteboard or poster board.  We will then do a Gallery walk through of the students displaying their work.  

The teacher will cover any missing information.