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Character traits

How can I identify character traits?
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 Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges. Students will be able to identify characters within a piece of text. Based upon their words, actions or illustrations they will be able to identify the character traits.

English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook

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The students will view short YouTube clip called "pigeons- cute animation cartoon".  After the video discuss the different pigeons and how they acted throughout the video.

2 Direct instruction

Introduce character traits. Watch Brainpop video "character traits". Discuss that they are based upon the character and includes both outside and inside features. Using Show Me app create a process chart drawing the character Molly Lou Melon from the story "Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon"  and on one side title it inside and other outside. Read story and complete chart together. 

3 Guided Practice

Reading A-Z
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The teacher will read aloud "A Bad Case of Stripes". Students will complete a graphic organizer addressing both inside and outside character traits. They will have to identify words, actions or use the illustrations to determine the character trait and what from the text supports their claim. 

4 Independent practice

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Each student will use their guided reading book to choose one of the characters. They will create their very own Popplet. They will have to include an image of the character then have to have the character traits listed- they can base it off an illustration, direct quotes from the text, or actions. They will save their Popplet presentation and share it with the class.


5 Assessment

Using Poll Everywhere, students will answer questions based on a short piece of text and identifying the character traits to show what they know.