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Character Analysis - AEIOU

Students will analyze a character from a novel or short story.
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Students will be able to...

  • Identify character traits in a novel or short story
  • Increase reading comprehension by evaluating and interpreting events in a story
  • Gain new vocabulary by exploring new descriptive words
  • Enhance reflective skills by making personal connections and blogging about their experiences
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Select a popular motion picture character and present his/her image to the class.  Briefly discuss the character to familiarize all students with him/her prior to beginning the guided character analysis.  It may be necessary to 

Questions to the class:

Who do you see in the picture?

What movie (show) is this character in?

Have a brief discussion about the motion picture to ensure no student is left out.

Student Instructions



2 Guided Practice

Google Drive
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Introduce the AEIOU Strategy for character analysis as follows:

Display an interesting graphic or photograph of the character to the class.  Ask students to partner up with a classmate and discuss the photo using the following as talking points. Notes from the conversation will be recorded on a Google Doc. Students will ask to voluntarily share their answers and/or be randomly selected to share. Explain each of the points and give examples.

A - Adjectives

E- Emotion

I - Interesting

O - Oh! - Surprises

U - Um? - Questions

Student Instructions

Partner up with a classmate seated near you and analyze the character show using the AEIOU strategy.

1. A - Adjectives

What five adjectives best describe him and why?

2. E - Emotion

What emotion does this character generate and why?

3. I - Interesting

What do you find most interesting about this character?

4. O- Oh!  (Surprises)

What surprises you the most about this character?

5. U- Um? (Questions)

Name something you don't understand about this character (or a question you would ask him or her).

3 Independent Practice

After reviewing the movie character analysis, introduce the book or short story character analysis project.

Working individually students will use AEIOU strategy to analyze the novel or short story character of their choice and prepare a slide show to present their analysis to the class.  Students are free to select the presentation tool that is most appropriate.  

Suggestions include (but not limited to) Prezi, Emaze, Buncee and  Keynote.  Students

Student Instructions

Select a character in a novel or short story, then analyze and describe the chosen character using the A-E-I-O-U strategy. You will use the presentation tool of your choice to present your analysis

A - Adjective

List five adjectives that describe the character and the reasons for using those adjectives.  For each adjective, explain why you selected that adjective.  Adjectives can be both negative and positive, but they cannot be all bad or all good.

For example, Generous:  Carla is generous because she is more concerned with giving money to her mother than spending it on herself.  

E- Emotion

Describe how you feel when you read parts of the novel (or story) that feature your chosen character.

For example:  I feel sorry for Carla. She tries to be positive and helpful to everyone, but some people don’t appreciate her goodness.

I - Interesting

Name three things you found most interesting about this character.  You could write about connections to his/her role or something else.

For example, I found it interesting that even though Carla is very skinny she was able to strike the robber’s head. I am also impressed by how hard she works even when she is tired and hot.  Lastly, I think that even though she is afraid of local gangs, it does not stop her from going to work or attending church.

O - Oh! - Surprises

Name two things that really surprised you about this character.

For example, I am really surprised that she let her brother give away her father’s cross, especially because it was the only memory she had of her father.  I am also very surprised that she was smart enough to choose the right friends.

U - Um? - Questions

Name one thing that you don’t understand (or have a question about) regarding this character.

For example, I don’t understand how she was able to leave her mother and move to the United States at such a young age.  

4 Reflection

Google Drive
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Free, Paid

After completing their analysis and presenting their projects before class, students will complete a reflection.  They can use Pages or a Google Doc, or publish a blog post using a preferred blogging tool such as edublogs.com or blogger.com.  Their reflection will address the following points.

Name three things you learned from this project.

Name two things you believe you did well.

Name one thing you think you should have done differently.

If publishing a blog post, the presentation can be embedded in their blog post.

Student Instructions

Reflect on the project you just completed.  Write a reflective essay or blog post that addresses the following points.  If publishing a blog post, embed the presentation in your post.

Name three things you learned from this project.

Name two things you believe you did well.

Name one thing you think you should have done differently.