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Chapter Book Chapter Review

Review previous reading and prepare for new chapters in the novel you are studying
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Students will be able to...

  1. Review main events leading up to the current chapter in a novel study.
  2. Discuss ideas as a group of what the main character is experiencing.
  3. Collaboratively predict upcoming events.
  4. Comprehend new reading.
English Language Learning
Grades 4 – 5
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Google Drive
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  1. Have the class get into groups of 3.
  2. Ask them to type the main events that happened in the previous chapters of the novel you are reading in a shared Google Document (with the group and the teacher)
  3. Document Here
  4. Do the same with character traits.
  5. Have the groups make predictions of what will happen in the next chapter.


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  1. Play Kahoot with questions from the previous chapters. Keep in mind that you can just make ch 1 Kahoot, then save it again and add Ch 2 questions, save it, then add Ch 3 and so on. Use the currently read chapters to play a game to review what they already know of the story. These could be things they brought up in previous review sessions.
  2. After each question done (time is up) and scoreboard is displayed, review that question as a class to make sure everyone understands the concept.


Activity: Conversing
  1. Discuss what each group thinks will happen in the upcoming chapter.
  2. Have each group share their predictions.
  3. Discuss which ones seem most likely and why.


Activity: Reading
  1. Have each student read the next chapter.
  2. Make sure to stress the importance of past events and thinking of character traits that may be changing or developing.
  3. Have them think which prediction was closest.


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Google Drive
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This is Formative assessment time. This can be done with different tools.A short “quiz” to assess understanding can be made in:

Google Forms


Other formative assessment tool.

  1. Make sure each student takes this assessment. How the teacher uses it can vary.
  2. Make sure that the students can see how they did when the assessment is over so they know what they might have missed.
  3. Mix Formative with Summative assessments. Make sure students know when the quiz will count towards their grade, and when it is just for the teacher.