Lesson Plan

Cell Organelles

Learning about the different functions of organelles
Students will be able to... 
  • Differentiate the characteristics of animal and plant cells
  • Identify and name at least six organelles in the cell
  • Match effectively the function to the organelle on a cell model
  • Build a three-dimensional model of a plant or animal cell
Grades 7 – 10
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Student Notes

1 Hook - Do All Cells Look the Same?

Activity: Investigating

Teacher will introduce lesson by passing around a couple pieces of cork to the students and then ask them to examine them under microscopes. While students are examining the cork, the teacher will pass out the needed technology  (iPads or laptops) for the remainder of the lesson.

The teacher will then redirect students' attention back to the class to begin a short discussion on the cork. 

  • Ask students what they have seen, what it actually looks like, and why?
  • What things do we have in our everyday lives that resemble cell organelles' functions?
Student Instructions

Examine cork under microscope

Draw what they see on a piece of paper. 

Discuss what they have seen in the cork.

2 Direct Instruction - Brief Introduction

Activity: Presenting
  • Pass out a couple of worksheets (fill-in-the-blank) about animal and plant cells
  • Give a brief introduction about cells and the organelles inside.
Student Instructions
  • Take brief notes as the teacher is instructing - fill out the worksheets provided.

3 Guided Practice - Cell and Cell Structure

  • Switch from presenting to the technology given to students (iPads needed for this app)
  • Split students up into pairs or groups of three
  • Instruct students to view a short video within the app - to recap what has just been presented
  • Direct students to view models of what cells look like
Student Instructions
  • Split into pairs or groups of three
  • Watch video on cell structures
  • Investigate into what cells look like on the inside

4 Independent Practice - Cell Diagrams

  • Have students then explore the app and create a Venn diagram to compare animal and plant cells
  • Instruct students to then take a brief quiz within the app as groups - let them know that this won't be graded
Student Instructions
  • Create a Venn Diagram to differentiate between animal and plant cells.
  • Take a brief quiz while remaining in groups.

5 Wrap-Up - Review

Activity: Conversing
  • Recap what cells really are and where we can find them
  • Ask students to give a brief description on what cells look like
  • Have students write two new pieces of information that they learned today, and two pieces of information that they may still have problems with and turn it in at the end of class
Student Instructions
  • Discuss what cells are, where we find them, and what they look like
  • Write two new things they learned and two things that need improvements - turn in at end of class