Lesson Plan

Cell Biology

This lesson plan will teach students the ins and outs of a cell!

Students will be able to...define the structures and functions of a cell.

Grades 9 – 10
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1 Hook

Cell Command
$9.99, $89.70/classroom

This game will serve as a great hook for the cell lesson because it gives students the opportunity to have fun while learning. 

Student Instructions

Students will play the game to begin their general understanding of the cell.

2 Direct Instruction

This video is a link to Kahn Academy and discusses the structure and function of the cell. This is important for direct instruction because it gives students and opportunity to learn about the cell visually. 

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring

The students will do a non-tech activity for guided practice where they will explore a diagram of the cell and see its components on paper. This will give students an opportunity to carry the cell with them as they travel between home and school.

4 Independent Practice

The students will use this app to further their individual understanding. They can play on the app, watch videos, and piece the cell together on their own time to further their cell knowledge.

5 Wrap Up

For the wrap up of the lesson, students will use the game Build-A-Cell. This will test their knowledge on how to create a cell and this explores different types of cells. Overall, it will give students a good understanding of cell structure and function and it will further their educational experience.