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Students will learn about several career options
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Indian Hills Junior High School
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My Grades 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

1) Identify careers held by adults in their life and what it took to get into those careers.

2) Learn about careers that align with their interests 

3) Learn where to find information about a wide variety of careers

Social Studies
Grades 7 – 8
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1 Hook/Introduction

Google Drive
Free, Paid
Roadtrip Nation
$20-$25 per student

Students will watch the introduction of Roadtrip Nation to learn about the wide variety of careers. 

Using a Google Form, students will take a survey to record the careers they think they are interested in learning about before they begin the unit and complete an interest inventory.

2 Direct Instruction: Interest Inventory

Students will watch a video tutorial on how to create a user profile on Naviance and complete the career interest survey.

After completing the survey, the teacher will explain how interest inventories are use to help investigate careers.

3 Guided Practice: Career Search

Roadtrip Nation
$20-$25 per student
Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students will use the results of the interest inventory to explore information about various careers. They will watch Roadtrip Nation videos through Naviance. Students will use I Have a Plan Iowa to locate information regarding career field growth and salary data.  They will share three careers of interest on a shared Google Doc and include the information taken from the various websites visited.

4 Independent Practice/Independent research

Students will choose an adult (parent, teacher, etc.) in their life to interview about their career. They will be allowed to ask any questions they want, but must discuss how the adult chose the career and what they had to do to get into the career. Students will be guided on appropriate and inappropriate questions.

The students will use Animoto Video Maker to produce their video and will share a link to their final product on a shared Google doc. 

5 Wrap up/Sharing

Students will upload videos to a shared channel on Youtube that contains the projects from all classes. students. Students will reflect on the videos of at least three other students and submit their work to the teacher through Google Docs and Google Classroom. The students will use a Google Form to vote for their favorite career videos amongst all classes.