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Career Research Blog Project

Students conduct a short research project on a career and publish it as a blog.
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Most of the research we do in the real world looks different than most classroom projects where students are assigned a topic.  In this research endeavor, students are challenged to research a career of their choice and publish their findings using the blog template in tackk.  By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • explain the audience, format, and style of a blog
  • conduct a short research project on a topic that interests them
  • develop, organize, and write for the appropriate blog audience
  • gather relevant information from a variety of reliable print and digital resources
  • make strategic use of digital media for communicating their research findings
English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Introduction/Warm Up

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Introduce a discussion of the blog format by inviting students to tell you what they know about blogs. Ask students

How many of you read blogs?

What types of blogs do you like?

Who do you know who writes a blog?

What kind of content do you see on blogs?

Student Instructions

Warmup: Have students use one of the technology tools to respond to the questions about blogs:

  1. Do you read any blogs?
  2. What types of blogs do you like
  3. Do you know someone who writes a blog?
  4. What kind of content do see on blogs?

2 Explanation/Demonstration


Explanation: Tell students they are about to do a short research project on the career of their choice and they will communicate their findings using the blog template on a website called Tackk.  Explain to students that their occupational summaries should contain information that would be relevant and interesting for a school audience, which could include classmates, other students and classrooms, teachers, and parents. Ask students what types of information they think would be important and of interest for an occupational summary for this audience. They will also want to include other what types of information about that career that they personally find interesting.   Possible interesting facts include: work schedule, famous people who have worked in that career, job availability, and more.  

What should be included on Tackk blog:

Description of career

Educational Requirements

Skills needed

Other interesting facts



Other tackk media of your choice (more points for its relevance to your career)

Demonstration: Teacher may create a tackk that features 3 occupational careers they were interested in as a student.  Include a variety of media and posts/comments.  This can serve as an example for students.  It can also be used to share the links to resources that students will need:

Occupational handbook: http://www.bls.gov/ooh/

Careers website: www.careers.org

Student Instructions

Students review project criteria for Career Research Blog.  Choose the career they would like to investigate.  Refer to the teacher's tackk example to access career websites.  Students should also take notes about the career they chose in the word processing/note-taking software of their choice.  Students will need to write a first draft of their research.

3 Revision

Activity: Other — Peer Writing Conference

When students have completed their first draft, have them get with a partner to edit their draft.  Give students a specific list of items to consider.  For example, students may want to look for: voice, organization, sentence variety, appropriateness for school audience, and spelling.  Then students need to revise their papers.

Student Instructions

Students share their first draft with a partner and edit their partner's paper focusing on: voice, organization, sentence variety, appropriateness for school audience, and spelling.  

Students then need to make changes to their draft according their partner's feedback.

4 Publishing

Have students publish their blogs in Schoology or have them share the link to their Tackk blog as an assignment in Schoology.