Lesson Plan

Career Research

Students will pick a career to explore for training and resources immediately after graduation. The thesis statement will focus on steps to be taken in the area to begin their training.
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Students will be able to search and narrow their searches on Google and to narrow their questions by searching relevant websites. 

A thesis statement will be prepared for the overall scope of their research papers. 

General information will be presented in the opening paragraph of the paper. 

Websites will offer nine or ten relevant pieces of evidence obtained from their searches. 

Over a week of work, the students will introduce and explain the relevance of each cited point to their thesis statements. 

Students will summarize their research in a closing paragraph showing their answers to the thesis statements. 

They will document their sources using Citation Machine in MLA format. 

They will then prepare PowerPoint presentations to explore the results of their research papers.

Finally they will present them to the class using images as well as the quoted evidence.

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 General Research

Introducing possible topics and resources.

Demonstrating Googling questions for searches.

Exploring appropriate and inappropriate websites and sources.

Demonstrating types of Thesis Statements.

Conferencing with individual students on these Thesis Statements, websites and other sources.

Student Instructions

Students come up with original overall topics for their papers.

Students will find appropriate websites such as "The Occupational Outlook Handbook" and obtain evidence.

Students will develop Thesis Statements.

Students will document evidence found in their research.


2 First Drafts

Modeling Sandwich paragraphs introducing and explaining the evidence on Microsoft Word complete with citings.

Student Instructions

Students will write their papers on Microsoft Word using Sandwich paragraphs and citings.

3 Works Cited

Model and work with individual students on use of Citation Machine to create a Works Cited page using MLA format.

Student Instructions

Students will use Citation Machine to document their works cited in proper format by looking at each individual website and source.

4 PowerPoint Presentation

Model and work with individual students on preparing PowerPoint presentations using both evidence and Googled imageries.

Have students review and rehearse presentations before final presentations to the class.

Student Instructions

Students will prepare PowerPoint presentations using evidence from their papers and available imageries appropriate to each slide of evidence.

Students will practice and make presentations to the class.