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Candle Lab

This lab will demonstrate that not all of the oxygen we inhale is used by the body.
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to demonstrate the difference in the amount of oxygen present in fresh air versus exhaled air.

Grades 7
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1 Direct Instruction

Provide the students with the necessary links to the Google Doc and Google Sheet. Each student should record the data on their own doc and submit their own work.

Student Instructions

Use the Google Doc to record any observations and answer any questions that pertain to the lab.

Use the Google Sheet to record your data from your trials.

2 Demonstration

Show the video and ask "why does the flame eventually go out?"

Student Instructions

Discuss at your table and come to a consensus.

3 Lab procedure

Activity: Presenting

Demonstrate the procedure to the students. Make sure to provide the following information.

1. Show the students how to properly exhale into the beaker under water using the straw.
2. Demonstrate how to maintain the water seal with the beaker still submerged.
3. Demonstrate how to quickly transfer the beaker to the candle, being careful not to break the beaker.
4. Start stop watch.

Student Instructions

1. Watch the procedure for exhaling into the beaker properly.
2. Practice with your lab partner a few times to make sure that you have the procedure down.

4 Lab completion

The students should be completing the lab write up as they go and recording their data in the Google Sheet.

Student Instructions

1. Complete the lab write up and answer the questions as you go through the lab.
2. Record your data on the Google Sheet. The graph should auto populate for you as everyone enters their data.

5 How can we improve the lab?

Activity: Conversing

Ask your students to converse with one another and come up with 3 ways that we can improve the accuracy of the lab in the future. Tell them that there is ALWAYS something that can be improved in the hopes of increasing the accuracy of the results. Ask them to look for flaws in our procedure and search for ways to improve them.

Student Instructions

As we do at the end of every lab, it is now time to make modifications for next time. How can we make our results more accurate? Where are the flaws in our procedure? Discuss with your lab partner and decide on 3 improvements that can be made.