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Canada Problems

Problem Based Learning for Canada's Environmental Problems
David L.
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Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Identify a Canadian Environmental Problem and come up with a viable solution for it

Social Studies
Grades 6
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1 Hook- Candian Problems

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Teacher finds a Youtube video describing Canada's geography. After the video is complete, she leads a discussion on what the students think Canada's environmental issues could be.

Student Instructions

Students discuss and brainstorm what they think Canada's environmental issues could be

2 Guided Practice- Writing Solution Plans and Solution Commercials

Google Drive
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Teacher direct students to find one environmental issue they want to explore in Canada. She then directs them to the Google Docs template to  draft a formal solution proposal.

After students are done with their proposal, the teacher then directs the students to write out a scrip for a commercial advocating for their solution. The students then film and edit it using Imovie

Student Instructions


1. Find the environmental issue they want to study

2. Fill out the Formal Proposal Google Doc Template

3. Script a Commercial 

4. Film the Commercial Using Imovie

3 Wrap-Up: Tutn in and Reflection

Teacher sets up and direct video turn in via Seesaw

The teacher gives students the opportunity to watch and reflect on other commercials

While they are watching they fill out a  Google Form reflection for each video

Student Instructions

Students turn in their video via SeeSaw

Students Fill out Video Reflections for Each Video shown