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Can you build it?

Students gain knowledge of all the parts needed to build a computer.
Robert F.
Technology coordinator
Junior High School 131 Albert Einstein
Bronx, United States
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

This is a research project for my computer lab.  Students will be able to identify each part of a computer and the function of that part.  Students will define each part of the computer and comprehend what each part does.  Students will also be able to work with a budget as they will pretend to shop for the parts they want to build a computer.  This is a research project where students will use the internet to locate the necessary information for the project.  Students must document their source.

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Teacher introduces topic to the class as if they were all going to receive $1,500 to build the computer of their dreams.  Students will need to decide what they wan to use their computer for- social media, school, gaming etc...  

2 Direct Instruction

  • Instructor directs students to follow along as I demonstrate to the class how to properly locate the desired information for the project.  
  • Students are shown how to build their list of computer parts first.
  • Instructor demonstrates for students the importance of NOT relying on the first web site they come across during their search process.
  • Instructor reads from the web site with the class to show them reliable sources vs unreliable sources.  
  • Teacher asks students how they know if their list is complete.  Students are encouraged to use multiple sources to confirm the information they looked up is accurate.

3 Direct Instruction

Time for Shopping!

  • Teacher reminds students they have a budget of $1,500 to spend on all of their computer parts.
  • Teacher models for students how to look up places to shop for their parts.  
  • Students are frequently reminded they are not to do Google image searches- they need to take the actual image they are "purchasing".  
  • Students are shown and reminded how to document their source.
  • Teacher models for class how to manage their budget using the calculator on the computer and also in a Google Sheets.
  • Students are shown how to display their purchases on their Google slides with pictures and their prices.
  • Each presentation is worked on either in groups of 2 or individually.
  • Students who choose to work with a partner are reminded how to share documents in Google Docs.  Partners need to have a game plan as to who is responsible for which part of the project.

4 Wrap Up

Instructor creates a fun assessment in Kahoot or Formative to gage student achievement on the project.  Students submit projects through Google Classroom.  Teacher uses grading app called Gradelicious which connects to Google Chrome.  Instructor is able to grade each project and send feedback to the student through Gradelicious app.