Lesson Plan

Can you be a member of a jury? Would you like to be?

This is an opportunity for sudents to comprehend the function of a jury.
Nora H.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8

Students will be able to...identify who can be a jury member.

Students will know what the jury member's job is.

Students will demonstrate some of the ethical delimmas experienced by jury candidates.



English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 7 – 9
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1 Hook

Students will create their own interactive whiteboard with Educreations. Each student will have a different aspect of learning about juries and their jobs to describe. Then, they will each be asked to research one of 5 different cases that has had a jury. Then they will answer two questions about that case on their Educreations.

2 Direct Instruction

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Learners will open their lesson by using Blend Space. They will view a YouTube video on a simple jury trial. Then, they will brainstorm for 45 seconds with a partner and write down everything they think a jury member is and what they do.

Students will use Storyboard That and create a classroom and a teacher. The teacher will describe what they have learned about how juries are selected and their job responsiblities.

3 Guided Practice

Students will open Blendspace and view their board. They will hear a video thread of a student talking about why they think being selected for jury service would be great. Then, the will hear a thread of an adult who doesn't want to participate. They will be asked to write a paragraph comparing the two. Then, they will view a video clip of a some students presenting their ideas about why it is the duty of Americans to serve. They will collaborate and discuss this video with a fellow partner. The two of them will design a short iMovie sharing their feelings about the video.

4 Independent Practice

Students will view a video with EduCannon and provide complete answers to the questions posed at varying times during the video. Students will be given opportunities before this task to discuss together and collaborate the need for juries, why some may not want to participate, and some of the laws surrounding the selection process.

5 Wrap-Up

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Students will get to enjoy Kahoot! together as a class. If it appears a student is having difficulty with mastering he objectives, a lesson for flipped learning will be offered to supply additional assistance.