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Call of the Wild Reading Activity

Students will become reporters for the Santa Clara news while they read the book, Call of the Wild, by Jack London. While working in partners, students will use a Weebly site to create and design a variety of assignments pertaining to the novel.
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Students will be able to collaborate and communicate with peers while completing this partner project.

Students will be able to demonstrate their comprehension of the novel. 

Students will be able to demonstrate and improve their writing abilities as a result of writing three news articles. 

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

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Upon completion of reading Chapter One of Call of the Wild by Jack London, students will be introduced to the Santa Clara News weebly site.  Students should review the tasks, resources, and evaluation pages on the site.  

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Reading

Students will continue reading the novel, Call of the Wild by Jack London.  Students will read independently, and at times, as a class, but will complete the tasks with one partner. The chapters can be chunked and divided at the disgression of the teacher. 

3 Guided Practice

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Students will use the Weebly site to create their missing dog advertisement, three news articles, and map detailing detailing Buck's locations throughout the novel.  Students can work on the assignments in class and collaborate with a partner.  After completing chapter one, students should complete the first task, the missing dog ad.  Throughout the reading of chapters two-six, students should write three news articles describing the recent sightings of Buck. After finishing the novel, students should complete the concluding activity, the map detailing Buck's journey throughout the book. 

4 Independent Practice

5 Wrap-Up

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As a result of this collaborative project-based learning assignments, students will complete a rubric and self-asses their work.  Students will self-assess their missing dog advertisement, three news articles, and map.