Lesson Plan


In this lesson, students are going to learn about California; they are going to explore various places, learn about unique trees and animals. Also, they are going to study about the state capital, state flag, and many more.

Students will be able to...learn about various places in California, like the state capital Sacramento.

Students will be able to identify the climate, unique trees, and animals found in California only.

Students will be able to identify the California flag.

Students will be able to learn some facts about the song of California.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Engage

Ask the students what state do they live in?

How many states are there in the USA?

Ask the students what do they know about California?

How did California get its shape? Watch the video 

What are some places that they visited or would like to visit in California? 


Student Instructions

Engage in the conversation and answer the questions.

Watch the video!

2 Explore

Talk about the various places seen in the video, like the agriculture museum in Santa Paula, lake Casitas, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, and so on.

Ask the students if they have been to any of these places. Create a class conversation. 

Talk about other attractive places in California, like Disney land, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, and so on.


Student Instructions

Watch the video! 

Participate in the discussion.

3 Explain

Activity: Reading

Read from the 4th grade social science book and tell the students about California state flag.

Who knows what does the flag of California represent?

What's on it? picture of a bear; that kind of bear was only found in California. Talk about the star, too.

Give them information about the designer of the flag; the year the flag became the state flag, and so on.

Talk about California state flower, Golden Poppy and California state bird, the quail. 

Make the students take turns and read the California state song. Give them information about the writer. When did the song become the state official song? 1951

How about the climate? Is it mostly cold or hot?

Tell me some places that are hot? desert

Other places that are cold? Big bear



Student Instructions

Be attentive  

4 Elaborate

Activity: Presenting

Talk about the various places in California, like the Capital Sacramento 

Talk about the unique trees found in California, like the redwood tree.

Give some information to the students about the redwood tree, such as it is the tallest tree, where it can be found, and so on.

Talk about some unique animals that can be found only in California, like the Tule elk.


Student Instructions

Listen to the teacher.

5 Evaluate

Activity: Assessing

 Call on students and ask questions about California and the materials discussed to test students’ understanding, like what’s the name of the unique tree found only in California. Then, ask another student: give me an example of an animal that can be seen only in California. Address another question to the class, like what is California’s climate, in general. Is it mostly hot or cold?

Then, give the students a homework assignment about California to test their knowledge.

Prepare one sheet of homework assignment for students with instructions:

Write the name of California’s state flag; then, draw a picture of the flag and color it.

Write the name of the state flower; then, draw a picture and color it.

What is California’s state capital? Write the name.

Write about some unique trees and animals found only in California.

Students can use their classroom knowledge, textbook or the internet, while completing their homework assignment.



Student Instructions

Interact and engage with the teacher.