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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Calculating salary

Consumer math students will find how to compare different salary and pay rates.
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Students will be able to calculate annual salary.

Students will be able to compare different pay rates.

Students will be able to determine gross pay for the pay period. 

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Anticipatory set

The teacher will set up a voice thread with the prompt of what are major factors that help you decide which job to take when given multiple job offers. The teacher will post the link to the Voice Thread in the class Schoology page.  The teacher will demonstrate the three ways students can respond such as typing, video, or voice response.

Student Instructions

The students will click on the link to open the Voice Thread page. The students will post their response and respond to their classmates posts. 

2 Direct instruction and guided practice

Free, Paid

The teacher will have posted in Schoology  app the pdf that has the notes fill in page and sample problems. The students will open the link and then choose the option open in Notability. The students will save the document  and the teacher will demonstrate how to write or type the information. The teacher will discuss one factor when comparing job offers is to compare the pay given.  The pay may be given in many different ways such as by hour, weekly, monthly or annually to be able to compare rates the students need to be able to change the forms to comparable rates. The teacher will remind the students of how we found hourly rate before and that each pay period it changes depending on the number of hours worked. The teacher will go over what a salary job is and how the pay stays the same. The teacher will go over different paycheck periods such as weekly, semimonthly, biweekly, and monthly.  The class will do sample problems together. The teacher will show the students how to highlight using Notability. They are to highlight the key information in the problems. 

Student Instructions

The students will open the note document in the  Notability app. They will take notes either typing or writing the information that the teacher goes over. The will highlight the key information while solving the sample problems. They will check their answers with their partners. 

3 Closure

The teacher will introduce the part of the final project they will work on today. The teacher will demonstrate how to use the JA Build Your Future app to find the salary of jobs of interest. The students will draw a paper that has either semimonthly, biweekly, monthly, or weekly pay periods. For the assessment, the students will have to record the salary and show what they will receive for the paycheck during the period. 

Student Instructions

The students will use the JA Build Your Future app to find three careers of interest and record their salary down. The students will record the salary for the pay period they received.