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Calcite Quest

Students will be able to determine if a rock contains the mineral Calcite.
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Students will be able to...
determine if a rock contains Calcite.

Grades 4
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1 Hook

Activity: Investigating

Teacher will explain to students that they will be learning about a very special property of Calcite today and use it to find out if rocks contain calcite. 

First, the students have to figure out what that property is. Students will research on the Internet to find out what makes Calcite stand out (it fizzes when it comes in contact with a cold acid).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj5Wh_2v1xo students will watch a video that shows how Calcite reacts with acid. 

"How will knowing that help us determine if Calcite is a mineral present in a rock?"

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing

Students will discuss in their groups about how knowing that Calcite fizzes when it comes in contact with a cold acid will help us identify if Calcite is in the rock. The teacher will guide the discussion toward the idea that if we put the samples of rocks in contact with acid, it would fizz if it contained Calcite. 



3 Guided Practice

Students will be given four samples of rocks (basalt, limestone, marble, sandstone) and will plan their own experiment.

Students will grab materials they think they need from our materials station and begin their experiment. Students will take pictures and use Skitch to annotate their pictures for each part of the experiment (does it contain Calcite?)

Students will screenshot and upload their Skitch images to Science/Earth Materials/Bubble Test/Calcite Album in Schoology.

4 Independent Practice

Students will find thier own sample of an earth material (a rock) at home. They will conduct the experiment with acid (we use vinegar- if students dont have any at home, a sample will be sent home with them). They will take a picture  of their experiment, annotate it (just like with their groups) on Skitch and determine if Calcite is present in their earth material. Students will access the directions on Schoology, the are also listed below:


5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

Students will log-in to Geddit and answer a question about calcite. They will also check-in to tell the teacher how they well they are understanding the material.