Lesson Plan

Building Resources to Research Self-Driven Topics

Getting students to gather information on self-driven topics using apps that focus feeds.
Julie Y.
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South Portland High School
South Portland, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students will be able to...

  • Select and utelize appropriate resources based on needs and self-driven topics
  • Experience and explore various apps that are meant to help personalize the research process in effective and appropriate ways
  • Use the information to later answer research related class discussion

This could be all ages: my focus is on 9-12 since I teach high school. This lesson could be something that is taken and used in different age groups- I would just reccomend spending time looking at the apps to make sure they are age and content appropriate. 

Basically: students will learn how to gather information on topics they are interested in using apps that do the searching FOR them. This is something all classes can benefit from!

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Introduce & Explore Apps

Free, Free to Try, Paid

There are a variety of apps available to help students search for information and articles on topics through RSS feeds. I've listed some of them- the best way to get them "into it" is to either assign a project to them and have them use one of the apps to research, OR to have students select one of the apps to do a presentation on.

In this flow: I'll assume people haven't experienced the apps so we'll have students select one of the above and then do a presentation on the app to explain it to other students. 

Student Instructions

The teacher will assign an app. Download and explore this app, using a topic of your choice as the research focus. 

2 Teach the class about the app

Have the students explore the apps and then present/teach the other students about how it works, the pros and cons of each, what they liked and didn't like, etc.

A fun way of doing this could be to have the class present to a group of other students or teachers- and have the teacher "vote" at the end on which product seemed the most useful for research. 

After this step, or if you skip this step, the goal would be to have students use this resources more often when doing research for projects or general class information gathering. 

These are also great ways for teachers to stay on top of current information like technology, news, etc.  

Student Instructions

Put together a presentation showing how this tool can be used for other students.