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Building Community

Learn about community and geography through technology
Donald P.
Classroom teacher
N.F. Woods Advanced Technology and Arts Center
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Arts

Students will be able to...

1.G.1.1 Use geographic tools to identify characteristics of various landforms and bodies of water.

1.G.1.2 Give examples showing location of places (home, classroom, school and community).

1.G.1.3 Understand the basic elements of geographic representations using maps (cardinal directions and map symbols).


Social Studies
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1 Introduction of geography and community

Prezi Classic
Free, Paid

Teacher uses Prezi to introduce concepts of geography and community to students.

  • be sure to use movement aspects of Prezi and video clips to keep interest among students
  • use lots of pictures so students can visualize what is being introduced
  • ask lots of questions and provide time for students to ask questions as well
Student Instructions

Students should be encouraged to use multiple modes of learning to help them remember information.

  • draw pictures
  • write down main words
  • act out big ideas

2 Map creation using basic geography

Teacher uses Toca Nature to show students different geographical aspects of a map including

  • mountains
  • lakes
  • forests
  • plains

Teacher talks about the differences between these geographic aspects and how they interact with each other.

Student Instructions

Students create within Toca Nature their own geographic and environmental maps using each of the 4 aspects introduced. 

By the very nature of the app, every students creation will be different. Allow for time to play and explore within the app. Science can be introduced and discussed here as well as to what the animals eat and the habitats that they live within. 

Students take pictures of the geographic map they created to be used later. 

3 Building a community

Toca Builders

Teacher discusses and reviews the parts of a community and how they interact with each other including

  • home
  • school
  • library
  • police department
  • fire department
  • etc - try to have one for every student in class


Student Instructions

Students are each assigned a different community building and use Toca Builders to create a representation of that building. 

Allow time for students to learn how to use this app and explore within its creation abilities. 

Students take multiple pictures of their buildings

4 Creating a community map

Free to Try, Paid

Teacher helps students work as a group to create a 'community map' combining each students pictures of their assigned community building within one large community map using an interactive poster site like Glogster. This allows teacher and students to add their pictures but also notes and other multi media additions. This can then be added to the teachers website to show the learning that was done and how students worked together as a group to learn about maps and community.