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Building Bridges

students will be building bridges of different lengths and thicknesses to determine their breaking weight and make predictions
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Students will be able to...construct a line of best fit to make predictions for the future

Students will be able to...generate variables that could change the outcome of the experiment with the understanding that variables in their surroundings can affect their life.

Grades 8
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1 Hook

Hook- Teacher will discuss with students live loads and dead loads meanwhile showing photo clip examples. Ask students how many of their families come from Europe. In Europe with Italy especially in mind, bridgedegned first with no extra dead load for building structures in mind. Later they built building on top of bridges to save room which caused a greater dead load. Since the dead load increased ask, "what do you think will happen with the live load?" Yes, it will decrease, They have guards to reduce the live loads.

Student Instructions

Students will look a photo clips and interact with the teacher.

2 Lesson Sequence

Activity: Investigating

Teacher can use these direction if they do not have a text:



Student Instructions

Students will build bridges of different bridge lengths 2 in, 4in, 5,in, 8,in, 9in, and 11, in.  They will fold up the ends i inch in the middle and will be 2.25 in across the middle.  Students will then place the brige s between books with a 1 inch over hang on each side, then test how many pennies each one will hold.  Students will record their data, graph it, draw a line of best fit, then write an equation.

Note: have students work in groups of two, for each group you will need i pair of scissors, ruler, and two sheets of paper.

3 Technology Section

Have one person from each of two groups with their data tables go to the document camera to do a compare/contrast.

Allow students to use the video camera on the laptops to record the process to building the bridges and testing them.  Students can then upload to Bright Space and present it.

Student Instructions

They will compare/contrast data tables and graphs, then present under the document camera

Create a video of instructions for the project using their laptops, upload them to Bright Space, and present.