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Building a Logo

Students in 2nd grade use their new schools to create a logo for a fictional company who makes snowman
Velma K.
Classroom teacher
Dansville Primary School
Dansville, United States
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Students will be able to:

open Google drawing,

insert and manipulate shapes size, color, orientation, and line width to create a snowman

Insert a text box

Type a sentence write complete sentences to describe their snowman

Be able to change the font, color, and size






English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 2
1 Warm up
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1 Warm up

Activity: Drawing



Warm Up (5 Minutes)

Read the following Letter:

Dear Second Graders,

My name is Mr. Jonathan Snow and I am the owner of a new company called Frosty’s Snowmen! Our company makes unique stuffed snowman for children all over the world. Since we are a new company we are in need of a logo.  I thought who would be the best at designing a logo for our company but kids. So I thought why not second graders.

Here is the task:

Be creative using Google Drawing to help create a logo for his new company.

The task must be done using only

Google Drawing and must include shapes.

Write at least one to two complete sentences telling me why your snowman would represent our company the best.

Your teacher can email your logo and I will choose  five different logos to be used one for each of our five locations.

Have Fun, Be Creative and I can’t wait to see your entries

Mr. Snow

Teach 1 (5 Minutes)

Students will need to log into their Google account-School account

Once logged in open their drive

Once in drive have them open Google drawing.

You may need to give step by step directions depending on the level of your students

Teach 2 (20 Minutes)

Once students open Google drawing

Demonstrate and have the students label their drawing by giving it a title

Demonstrate the following on how to:

Insert a shape

Expand and make the shape smaller

Make the border lines thicker

Change the color

Fill in color in the shape

Give the students time to explore and play with the shape


Wrap Up

You can use the following Questions:

How do you insert a shape?

How do you change the line color?

How do move a shape on the page?

Have kids work on their snowman over the next few days.


Culminating Activity

Choose your five winners and present them with a certificate. An example is below:


                         This Certificate is Awarded to                              



For the creation of his



Mr. John Snow                            

February 15, 2018        



Student Instructions

Students will log into their Google accounts

Follow the Demonstration from Teacher and then practice and get creative. 

Print, or share snowman with teacher