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Building a Cell

This lesson is designed to have students understand organelles and their function for the overall cell.
Julie M.
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My Subjects Science

Students will be able to identify organelles in the cell and describe their function.

Students will be able to interpret text and create something visual with it. 

Grades 9 – 10
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1 Introduction


Have students watch the movie to get the class started, it is catchy and good for remembering material.

2 Instructional Activities- Construction

Activity: Creating

Students will be asked to use the materials they brought in to design a city with each building representing an organelle. On the city they will be expected to label what the building/object is and what the organelle is.

Students will be allowed to use their text book as a reference, or the internet.

Students can use any materials that they want. I will provide pipe cleaner, construction paper, Elmer glue, and tape. I will also have colored pencils on hand. They are to bring any other materials that they think can work (including a shoe box, cardboard, and anything else they can think of)

3 Instructional Activities- Construction Differentiation

If student are not able to, or don't want to do construction, I will have them either draw (fully colored and with a lot of detail) the city, or if they want to and are resourceful enough, they could create (using an online app such as Minecraft) the city. This will allow for differentiation of learning styles and will also make the project more challenging and interesting for students if they want to use technology for the creation step.

4 Instructional Activities

Book Creator
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Student will then be required to make an e-book using the app Book Creator that explains what organelle is what building/object and why that building/object was chosen for that organelle.

All organelles must be included in some fashion or another.    

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Presenting

Have students in groups of three after the projects have been finished. The students will then share their projects with each other and critique each others' project. This will help them with communication skills and also give them a final review before the summative assessment.