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Create a monthly budget
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Students will be able to manage monthly expenses, bills, and income and use that information to create a monthly budget.  The student must consider savings for emergencies, and paying down debt.  When creating the budget the students need to remember Dave Ramsey's Zero Based Budgeting and 15 practical Budgeting tips. 

Standard 1. Students will develop and evaluate a plan to manage their money to achieve personal goals.

Benchmark 1.3 Develop and evaluate a personal budget.

Sample performance indicators:

  • Determine personal net worth.
  • Construct and use a personal spending/savings plan and evaluate it according to short- and long-term goals.
  • Describe how income, spending, and budgeting patterns change throughout the life cycle.
Social Studies
Grades 10 – 12
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1 Introduction into Budgeting

Begin by talking about financial goals.  Ask students what they see in their future.  Do you want to go to college?  Do you want a new laptop or car?  Do you plan on living on your own after high school?  How much money do you think you will be making?

Student Instructions

Have students participate in a classroom discussion about what their financial goals are.  What they think those things will cost and how will they pay for them.  

2 How to Budget

Describe what a budget is and what is included in a budget.  What is your take home pay.  What expenses do you have.  What is an emergency fund and how large should it be.  Discuss 15 practical budgeting tips and 4 steps to learn how to budget.  Describe a zero-based budget.  Ask students to explain what income and expenses are.  Give examples.  Ask students explain what an emergency fund is and how much money should be in your  emergency fund.

3 Create a Budget

Activity: Creating

Have the students complete the Dave Ramsey Budget worksheet.  Students may work in groups of 2. 

Student Instructions

Go this website and download the budget worksheet.  Complete this worksheet using the income and expense numbers the teacher provided.  May work in groups of 2.


4 Explore everydollar app

Have students explore the everydollar budgeting app.  Each student will have an iPad as well as the teacher.  The teacher lead the class while they explore the app.  The teacher can use this time to discuss components of budgets and how they are created.  

Student Instructions

Use iPad's to download the everydollar app and explore the app.  Ask any questions about budgets.