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Buddhism in Imperial China

Students will learn basic ideas of Buddhism, how it got to China, and how it was received by the people.
Daniel T.
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My Subjects Social Studies

The students will learn the origins and basic ideas of Buddhism

The students will learn how the Tang Dynasty received Buddhism initially and what made them run Buddhists out of China

The students will be able to differentiate Buddhist ideals from Confucian ideals.

Social Studies
Grades 7
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1 Engage

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Teacher will show slides going through the origins of Buddha and Buddhism


Student Instructions

Students will follow along slides on their own devices


2 Explore

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Teacher will continue lecture, showing on an interactive map how Buddhism traveled from India to China


Student Instructions

Students will draw on interactive Nearpod slide the traveling route Buddhist missionaries took from India to China


3 Explain

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Teacher will explain how initially Buddhism was tolerated by Tang dynasty, and then later detested because it opposed Confucian ideals



4 Elaborate

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Teacher will compare and contrast basic Buddhist ideals with basic Confucian ideals.  


Student Instructions

Students will participate in discussion


5 Evaluate

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Teacher will pull up Kahoot! on screen


Student Instructions

Students will answer True or False Kahoot! questions, identifying whether an ideal is Confucian or Buddhist.