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Bring Your Pixel Art to Life!

Pixel art comes to life with Scratch
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Students will be able to access email for account creation.

Students will then create a pixelated artwork at Pixelart.

Finally, students will bring their art to life using Scratch Jr.

Grades 5 – 7
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1. The teacher will have the link to Pixelart available to students through their website or by creating a link if possible.

2. The teacher will introduce the website and the account creation. Students should create a character that they will write a short 30 second story for.

3. Use an example: MegaMan

(If email is unavailable to students, you can have them draw on graph paper rather than use Pixelart.) 

Sidenote: It is the teacher's discretion to choose a subject or length of work. This lesson also should be preceded by knowledge of basic programming skills.

Student Instructions

1. Students will go to the website and create a new account. They should then set up their account by going through their email to finish the set up.

2. Before students create their character, they should discuss with a partner, their idea and what kind of story they wish to tell with the character. 

3. When they are ready, they may begin to draw their character.


 The teacher will demonstrate how to download the picture from Pixelart and then upload the picture to scratch. You can use the website or program (the program is easier as it doesn't require another account.)

Student Instructions

1. After students have created their pictures, whether in Pixelart or on graph paper, they will need to open Scratch.

2. They will follow teacher instructions on how to upload their work from Pixelart or copy their work from the graph paper.


Activity: Creating

The teacher will assist students as needed with creating a story for their Pixelart character.  Stories should be a complete idea with dialog if necessary.

Student Instructions

1.  Students will get a piece of paper and number it from 1 to 30.  

2. Students must plan for each second of their story.

3. Students will begin writing their story for the character with every second accounted for. 


The teacher will help facilitate student programming. 

Student Instructions

1. Students will translate their storyboard over to Scratch. 

2. Students will have to keep track of their steps, timing, and following their storyboard as closely as possible. 

3. Students may create more 'costumes' for their character by going back to Pixelart and altering their original character. 

5 Closing/Presentations

The teacher will allow students to play their story for the class in order to present their work.  You should ask students of any parts they had difficulty with and how they solved their problem.

Student Instructions

1. Students will first describe their character, the general plot and any difficulties they had creating the story.

2. Students will field questions from the teacher and peers.

3. Students should be positive and encouraging towards each other.