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How the UK leaving the EU affects Global Economies
Chris D.
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Bronxville High School
Bronxville, United States
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My Grades 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...Define the Brexit Vote 

Analyze the United Kingdom's connections to the European Union

Analyze why leaving the EU hurts the Economy of the UK and also affects Global Markets.

Analyze the interconnections of the United States Global Economy.

Use one specific example of a company or person are affected by markets.

Social Studies
Grades 12
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1 Research newspaper articles, magazines, news accounts of the Brexit Vote

Teacher will introduce the Brexit vote and the fallout from it.

Brief overview of the EU and show graphs.

Give time for research and note taking.

Introduce Case study options on how the economic fallout is affecting companies, countries or individuals.

Students will also create an explainer video

Student Instructions

Students will research and record the meaning of the Brexit vote, the European Union, The trade connections between the UK and the European and Global Markets.

Students will analyze why the markets in the United States and Asia are dropping from the Vote

Students will write a case study by following one company, market or individual to better understand why the vote to leave the EU affects finances.

Students will create explainer video on the Brexit