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Breakout EDU - March Leprechaun Fun

Collaboration and Problem Solving
Meredith Y.
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Holly Hills Elementary School
Denver, United States
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My Grades K, 1, 3, 5
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Students will be able to work together in a series of academic challenges, engaging effectively in a range of collaborative discussions.

English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Set-up

I used a lesson from Breakout.edu but I changed it to work with 5th grade curriculum. You need to prepare the different challenges. 

1. Shamrocks copied on green paper with mixtures, solutions, and tools to separate on them.

2. Pots of gold with fraction equations (multiply the fractions and then convert them to a decimal point)

3. Poem with invisible ink on letters that spell the words "key" "under" "phone"

4. Book The Luckiest Leprechaun

5. Math facts paper (multiplication & division)

6. Lock box full of candy (skittles)

7. 5 locks - one lock and 4 locks programmed to the correct combination

2 The Hook

Activity: Presenting

Have Mission Impossible  OR the Pink Panther theme music playing as students enter the classroom. Place the lock box prominentely in the front of the classroom. Explain to the students that they are going to have to break in to the box. They will need to complete 5 tasks to find out the combinations/key for each of the locks.

3 Explanation

Activity: Presenting

Briefly explain that the Leprechaun needs their help moving his gold. Talk about the 5 different locks and go through the 5 activities (this should be quick - all of the directions should be on a paper that is at each station) Remind students that they will be working in teams. They are not allowed to mingle with the other teams until all 5 tasks have been completed by each team.

4 Let the Fun begin!

Activity: Exploring

Just facilitate and wander to groups. Listen to their conversations and be sure that they are collaborating. Clarify anything that may be confusing. Remind students to stay in their seats - there is NO mingling with other groups.

Set a timer. At the end of 7 minutes have students rotate to the next group. Continue to check-in with groups to see their progress.

Student Instructions

Work collaboratively with your teammates. Make sure everyone is participating. Ask questions for clarification. Build on teammates' ideas and work together to achieve to combination.

5 Almost done

Activity: Debating

Bring students together and tell them they will have only 5 minutes to agree on the combinations. As a class they will have only one opportunity to crack the cods.

Set the timer and play the theme song again.

Students will probably have to be reminded that they all need to agree on all 5 combinations.

Student Instructions

Students can get out of their seats and talk with their classmates from other teams. They will only have 5 minutes to come to a consensus.


Activity: Assessing

Teacher may need to do a final facilitation to be sure that everyone in the classroom agrees. Have students return to their seats. Then one at a time, one student from each group will come up and attempt to open the lock.

After students succeed give them their prize (the skittles). Have students reflect on the experience.

Student Instructions

Sit quietly and watch while your classmates try to break out!


When you succeed Cheer and get your gold (skittles)