Lesson Plan

Breaking Down the Ribbon

Identifying PowerPoint Tabs
Valerie K.
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My Grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Other — Cartoon Images Presentation

We will use cartoon images to discuss perceptions about PPT design.

Student Instructions

Students will attempt to infer the negative connotation related to the image.

2 DIRECT INSTRUCTION : Instructor shares knowledge, concepts, theories, and vocabulary with students.

  1. Discuss examples where presentations are helpful - reasons why we create presentations (http://blogs.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/7-reasons-why-powerpoint-doe...)
  2. Instruct the primary reasons for creating PowerPoint presentations - to inform or to persuade. (https://nobullets.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/there-are-only-two-reasons-fo...)
  3. Teach how to open and access Microsoft 2013 PowerPoint. From Backstage the New Blank, Recent, and Template options.
  4. Discuss lesson key terms
  5. Teach and discuss the Ribbon (see graphic). Read each tab title.
  6. Discuss the purpose of each tab.  What types of buttons and applications are located in each. How might you remember what’s in this section?  Can you create an association using an acronym? Can you make a jingle to help with your recall?
  7. Discuss: Being able to accurately locate the tabs and recall the function of each will aid in quicker recollection throughout the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams.  We start with PowerPoint as it is generally the easiest of the three primary productivity applications. Once you have the basic tabs mastered it will be easier in both Word and Excel to identify correct buttons and commands.
Student Instructions

Participate in discussion.

Follow along with instructions.

Create an acronym or jingle to help you associate the Tab Titles.


3 GUIDED PRACTICE : Students work collaboratively to apply and work with knowledge, concepts, and theories.

Activity: Investigating

As we are teaching content, students will also interact with the application (PowerPoint) through guided instruction. 

We will open a blank presentation, identify the title and subtitle placeholders and key in specified text.  We will discuss how to select your text in order to apply formatting commands.   

Student Instructions

Students will navigate in the presentation and apply commands from the Ribbon tabs and groups to specified text and slides based on verbal instructions from the instructor.  

4 INDEPENDENT PRACTICE : Students complete work independently to demonstrate their mastery.

Activity: Creating

Students will use the tools learned by applying commands from the Ribbon to existing presentations or create new presentations based on assigned criteria to demonstrate mastery. 

Student Instructions

Students will complete assignments using either Digital or hard copy textbook.

5 WRAP-UP : Sum up the lesson, but provide opportunities to further student learning.

Free, Paid

Students will use Kahoot to respond to formative assessment demonstrating their ability to recall tabs and commands on the PowerPoint ribbon.

Student will complete application assessment tool as assigned using resources and tools provided. 

Student Instructions

Student will be accessed formatively in Kahoot as instructed.

Student will complete application assessment tool as assigned using resources and tools provided.