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Book Talks that Rock

Students will use green screen technology to create a book talk.
Carol O.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Students will be able to create a book talk using green screen technology to present to the class a book they read and create the presentation to encourage others to read the book.



English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Amazing Book Talks

Free, Paid

Search for book talks on You Tube of popular books, and present two or three to illustrate the creativity of a book talk, as well as what information should be included in a book talk.

2 Find the perfect book

Students will select a book for enjoyment.  Using one of the three recommended websites, students will find a book of interest and read it.

Student Instructions

Find a book using one of the three websites to help you find a book of interest.  Get that book from the library or find an e-book version and add to your device.

3 Reflect on your book

Google Drive
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Using Google Docs, students will reflect on the book, and begin to write down what they will want to include in their video. 

Student Instructions

Using Google Docs,  reflect on the book, and begin to write down what to include in the video. Include key components of the book: title, author, setting, as well as what you want to share about the story.  You will want to include something that will entice the viewer to want to read the book.  Do not give too much information to spoil the ending.

4 Now we're going green

Demonstrate how to create a video using green screen technology.  Students will work in small groups to assist with the recording using an iPad or Smartphone.  Have students use a teleprompter (the Prompt Smart app) to upload from Google drive their script to read as they are acting on the green screen.  Students will then edit their video.

Student Instructions

Students will record their video in front of the green screen and will use a teleprompter using (the Prompt Smart app). Once finished with recording, students will edit the videos.

5 I'm on the Big Screen

Free, Paid

Have students upload their videos to You Tube and share their book talks with a global audience.

Student Instructions

Upload your book talk to You Tube and share with a global audience.