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Book Talks

Learning about and engaging in creating book talks
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Eileen Marks
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My Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
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I can identify key features of a book talk and independently write one

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Do Now

Free, Free to try, Paid

If you were stranded on a dessert island and could only bring one book to read with you, what would that book be and why? (link to padlet) Read at least 3 other responses

2 Turn and Talk

Activity: Conversing

Turn and Talk to a partner and share your response

3 Mini-lesson

Activity: Presenting

Mini-lesson; Teacher goes over what we are doing, why we are doing it and how we are doing it. Overview of book talks and why they are so important to building our identities as readers and contributing to our reading community. Teacher shares booktalk checklist on smartboard, but this also exists on Edmodo page. Teacher also discusses the fact that a book talk can either be about a book you are currently in (at least 3 or 4 chapters) or a book you have completed. Teacher models a book talk and asks students to watch with checklist in mind.

4 Mini-lesson debrief

Teachers asks students to go to checklist and see how many of the 5 components of a good booktalk whe included in her presentation. go to polleverywhere link on edmodo page and choose 1 to 5. Be ready to discuss your reasons. Teacher projects poll everywhere results and asks for a few students to tell how they graded teacher and why. Teacher summarizes features and shares her actual score.

5 Guided Practice

Now, we are going to watch a book trailer from teachingbooks.net and identify similarities and differences from my low tech book talk to an online book trailer. Trailer is projected to whole class

6 Book Trailer Turn and Talk

Activity: Conversing

Turn and Talk to a partner and discuss similarities and differences. Teachers walks around and listens in to conversations and chooses a few to share out whole group Having seen the book trailers, would you add any features to this checklist? Teacher chooses first responder and first responder chooses next person to share. Teacher is gathering ideas on chart paper

7 Independent Practice: Choice 1

Teacher transitions into independent practice. There are two choices. Choice 1 Begin drafting your book talk in your notebook using checklist.

8 Independent Practice: Choice 2

Go onto https://litpick.com/ (headphones and ipads or computers) Search for your favorite book and see if they have a review. Read that review and list the features you see that are similar to our checklist. If they do not have your favorite, read the review for Hunger Games, since we read it earlier in the year.

9 Exit Ticket

Go to formative link in Edmodo and complete an exit ticket. Homework: complete draft in your notebook