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Book Club Blogging with See Saw

Blogging achieves authentic student voice to a reading
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Students will be able to use See Saw and blog about a book.

Students will be able to share blog with peers via See Saw and receive feedback.

English Language Arts
Grades 3 – 5
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1 1) What is blogging with SeeSaw?

1) Teacher will have a discussion on blogging with SeeSaw 


Student Instructions

1) Students will be able to discuss the benefits of blogging after the discussion.


2 2) DIRECT INSTRUCTION - Blogging with a book club

  1. Guided Reading groups will be assigned a book to blog about.
  2. Guided Reading groups will be give a list of questions to blog about after each chapter.
Student Instructions

1) Students need to choose a blog leader to post question. 

2) Students wil gather their books and look at the list of questions. 

3 3) GUIDED PRACTICE-How to blog using SeeSaw

1) Students will watch video on how to blog with See Saw.


2) Teacher will model how to blog with SeeSaw.

3) Guided Reading groups will create their blogs and create their first comments.

4) Teacher will circulate for assistance. 

Student Instructions

1) Guiding Reading groups will create a blog.

2) Groups will add members to their blogs.

3) Blog Leader will add the first question on to their blog. 

4) Members will add their first comments.


1) Guided Reading Group will begin reading their assigned book.

2) Blog Leader will write in SeeSaw the end of the chapter question.

3) After reading the chapter, members will add a comment to the question. 

4) Each member must post a comment to each question. 

5) Repeat after each chapter

Student Instructions

1) Blog leader will add the end the chapter question to the blog.

2) Guided Reading group will begin reading a chapter in the assigned book. 

3) At the end of the chapter, each member will create a comment answer the question.

4) Repeat after each chapter. 

5 5) Reflection

1) Teacher will show some blogs on the board

2) Class will have a discussion on the SeeSaw blogging process - what work and what other ways can a book club discussion be done.

Student Instructions

1) Students will reflect on the SeeSaw blogging process.

2) Students will discuss what other ways can book club feedback be done.