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Body Image

1. Provide students with basic media literacy skills. 2. Learn about society’s impact on body image, self-esteem, and eating disorders. 3. Evaluate images in the media for their positive and negative impacts on body image and self-esteem. 4. Enhance feel
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Students will be able to...

1. Creating awareness that Body Image affects a number of individuals.

2. Developing confidence to increase body satisfaction among students.

3. Learning the difference between positive and negative social media message that pertain to body image.

4. Enhance student knowledge to benefit healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Health & Wellness
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1 Body Image

1. Teacher initiates discussion by introducing the term body image. The contribution of positive body image to overall self-esteem is discussed. Worksheet 1 is completed during this discussion

2. Student, as individuals or in pairs, may choose to share the information from Worksheet 2, “What is Your Own Healthy Style?” with the group?

3. As a class, the final task is to complete Worksheet 3. Here students will come up with a definition of beauty for today’s world. Students are encouraged to consider the thoughts and discussion surrounding Worksheet 2 as they come up with this Modern Image of Beauty. A wrap-up discussion pertaining to this final activity is encouraged.


Student Instructions

Students will gain understanding of the term body image and how a positive body image is an important component to overall self-esteem.
Through examination of visual images, students will explore the changing definition and the fickle nature of the “ideal beauty” throughout the 20th century.
Students will explore their own positive, personal attributes and identify the five most important things about themselves that contribute to their own personal style.
 Following a discussion of the importance of honoring your own personal style, students will come up with their own “image of beauty” – one that values intellectual, personal, spiritual and physical attributes.

2 Body Image

Worksheet 1: Defining Body Image

Most of us have heard the term “body image” before. But do we really know what that means? Take a minute and write down what you think is the proper definition of the term, body image:





What are some things that you think might affect a person’s body image?






If a person has a negative body image, what does that mean? Think of an example of how negative body image might impact a person in their daily life? On the contrary, how might a positive body image impact a person?



Montana Team Nutrition, 2003





Worksheet 2: What is Your Own Healthy



Below, please list at least 5 characteristics, attributes or things about yourself that you think are the most important characteristics that define who you are right now. Keep in mind, these things change as we have new experiences and grow-up… but for now…what defines Your Own Healthy Style?




























Montana Team Nutrition, 2003




Worksheet 3: A Modern Image of Beauty


OK…picture this…a major advertising company has approached your class and asked you to come up with what you would like the modern day image of beauty to be. It is up to you. Use the knowledge you have gained on:

• the importance of a positive body image

• the natural diversity in body shapes and sizes

• awareness of non-physical characteristics as important parts of beauty and style

…and come up with the new image of beauty.

In the box below, describe how you would like to define a modern day image of beauty:
























Montana Team Nutrition, 2003