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Blogging with Primary Students

Introduction to Blogging for our Youngest Kids
Lisa S.
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Students will be able to...

Explain what a blog is

Explain what an audience is

Write a complete idea and illustrate it, posting to a secure class blog

English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring
  • Using a projector and web-enabled device, teacher will project sample of blogs and discuss with students what a blog is.  
  • What is purpose of author?
  • Who is intended audience?
  • As a class critically evaluate some blog entries to discuss what makes some better than others

2 Direct Instruction

Free to try, Paid

Ahead of time, teacher should create account and student accounts using the Kidblog resource.  Set it up online, but expect students to use it on ipads...the app is so easy for kids to access!  

Students need to know how to enter text, how to add images using the photo roll and camera, and how make publishing settings so their posts show up when they are ready for them to!

Write a post together as a whole class and teach the basics.  You could even start with whole-class entries that all students do together as you teach how to use the app.  For examle, "Today we are going to write a list of the sight words that we know so far."  Then give step by step directions as all kids post the exact same post to their blog with the sight words typed in as the content for that entry.  

Follow this lesson with a direct instruction where you give them a sentence stem and walk them through the creation of their blog entry, allowing them to pesonalize the sentence ending as they wish. 

Gradually release control of the blog entry creations to where you start the blog post together as a class, but then they have to describe an object in their own words completely.  

Eventually, let students decide on what thier own individually blog topics will be and allow them to create posts as they wish!

3 Guided Practice

Free to try, Paid

This app will be the platform used for both direct, whole class intruction and independent blogging.  Teacher can see posts and control privacy.  

4 Independent Practice

Using TapTyping, students will become more effective with on-screen typing.  This should increase their confidence in blogging and allow them to focus more on content and less on the physical act of text entry. 

It would also be appropriate to teach them to use the voice-activated text entry options that Siri-enabled devices support.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Conversing

Be sure to share students' work with parents and othe school employees so that they can start getting some comments written back to them on their posts.  Feedback makes the writing feel authentic as it should be!  

Have students comment on one another blogs, too...practice giving positive comments and gentle criticisms through questioning.