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Blogging in the Classroom

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Robert C.
Technology coordinator
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Students will be able to express their opinion on an article by blogging on it and commenting on others blogs. 

English Language Arts
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Grades 3 – 5
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

- Provide the students with a link to a video explain what a blog is and how to use it. 

- Show students my blog and how I have customized it to stand out. 

- Explain to students that they will be creating their own blogs discussing articles that they read based on thier interests. 

2 Direct Instruction

- Show students how to sign in using their GAFE information. 

- I will model how to create their first blogs using the "Student Instructions".


Student Instructions

1) Click on New Blog

2) Assign your blog a name, theme,  and URL.

3) Click on New Post to create your first post. 

4) Title your blog on top. 

5) Write your blog

6) Use the toolbar to customize the font, size, etc.

7) Add a visual through the toolbar Image button.

3 Independent Practice

- Student will be given the first topic for their initial blog which is "What are some things you would like to blog about and why?"

- Students will work on typing up their first blog which will be short because I want them to also include a visual and a change of font options to assess if they learned how to do so. 

- Students will click on Publish once they are finished.

4 Wrap Up

Activity: Reading

- Inform students that they are to write a blog post reviewing a story that they have read this year.

- Inform them that next week they will learn how to comment and follow one another's blogs.