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Students will learn how to use blending consonant sounds to make words.
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Students will be able to...

1. Successfully identify blending letters and their sounds. 

2. Create words by using consonant blends. 


English Language Arts
Grades 1
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1 Hook/ Attention Getter

Students will be introduced to the lesson by watching the following video introducing consonant blends song.  

After the video, questions will be asked to the students as to what words they knew from the video, to help them make connections. 

Student Instructions

The students will sit at their desks, quietly, attaining to the You Tube video/song about consonant blends. Students are encouraged to sing along and address any words they know along with the song. 

2 Direct Instruction

Gather students together on the carpet area to have a "meeting time", review some blends that were shown in the video. On the SMART board, introduce blends for students. Have written on the board  the following consonant blends, "sl,sp,st,bl,br,pl, etc." in the center of the board draw a pot. In the pot put ending sounds/words, such as, ack, ing, ace,and,etc. have the students come up individually and create works by placing one blend in front of the ending in the pot to create their word. Students will self-assess by inferring if the word they created in a correct word or not.  To save time a SMART board activity/game with the same concept could be made ahead of time. 

An online e-book will also be  read aloud with the class, on S blends. ( In small groups the students will read other e-books with other beginning consonant blends. ) 


Student Instructions

While sitting on the carpet, wait your turn. Once it is your turn, pick up a consonant blend, and put it in the pot. Does your consonant blend and this ending make a word? If so, what is the word? Tell your classmates and then sit down quietly. 

3 Guided Practice

Direct students that they will  be working in groups of three. Each group will have an assigned consonant blend puzzle piece. Their task is to work together to create their own puzzle of beginning blends, using their blend. They will collaborate with each other, to go to each station to pick up the other matching puzzle ending pieces. They must create 6 different words using their beginning blend puzzle piece.  After they have their 6 words, they must get them checked over, in order to receive their completion certificate. 

After the students receive their certificate, they will be instructed to get an I-pad for each group  and work on one of the two resources made available for a review on blending single sounds to form words. 

Student Instructions

1. Look at your groups consonant blend puzzle piece. Make sure your know what the sound is for that blend. Once you have done this task follow other steps. 

2. Work together to travel around the room to the 4 different stations. At each station will be a basket filled with possible ending for your blend. Some ending sounds/letters will work, but some will not. It is your job to collaborate with your group members to create 6 different possible puzzle piece words. 

3. Once you have successfully made your words, bring them to the teacher to receive your certificate! 

4. After, get an I-pad and complete one of the two activities: Blending Sounds Spelling Game or Blending Sounds PhotoShoot Game 

4 Independent Practice

To assess student learning, the students will be given a piece of blank paper that is folded into 6 different boxes. Each student will be given a certain consonant blend that they have learned during this lesson. This will be located at the top right hand corner of the paper. The students will need to  create 5 words with that particular group of blending consonants. They need to write the word, with the beginning blending sound, and draw a picture to match  the word. 

Then, students will be placed at individual computers, laptops, or I-pads to complete online blending assessment on their Kidz Phonics site. 

Student Instructions

1. Write your name on the back of the paper . 

2. Look at your paper, and say your blending sound that you have. 

3. Create 5 words by using this beginning blending sound, and draw a picture to match the word. 

4.  Find a laptop, computer, or I-pad and Log into your Kidz Phonics Site and complete the assessment on blending/ digraphs. 

5 Wrap-Up

Review the blending consonants that were learned with the students and give a few other examples of beginning blend words. Direct the students that they are able to go online and watch more lessons about these consonant blends, if they want to do so on their own for extra help.  

As a wrap up for the class, the whole group will actively participate in an online video by listening, watching, and singing along to review the content learned.

Student Instructions

1. Use resources given to practice consonant blends at home and in your free time.