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Blended Learning 101: Junior School

App Flow to inspire teachers part of the BL 101
Pascal V.
Director of Academic Technology
United Nations International School
New York, United States
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1 Initial representation

Free to try

Teachers often write to us about how they use Padlet to pose a question to their class, at the beginning of the lesson, to collect initial representation , or to collect exit tickets at the end of the class, or, sometimes, to collect assignments or projects from students.

We are using the Padlet here to ocllect initial questions from the teachers attending the BL Summer Institute.

2 Hook : Welcome


Flipgrid can be used as a great icebreaker to encourage freedom of expression and creativity in student responses.

We are using Flipgrid here to allow isntructors to share their thoughts with the teachers attending the BL training.

3 1. What is Blended learning ?

Free, Paid

Youtube offers a large variety of great instructional content you can use within your unit. Videos can be embedded, so they appear directly in your page without having to click on an external link.

In the BL 101, you can find many embedded videos from various sources (youtube or other sources).

4 1.2 Technology integration versus blended learning

Free, Paid

Powtoon allow teachers or student to create engaging animation than can be converted into slideshow or video.

This video in this unit is made using Powtoon.

5 1.4 Models of blended learning

Free, Paid

ThingLink is free image platform that converts an image into a rich and interactive experience by adding music, video, text, images, and more. It is definitely a great tool to teach and learn with endless possibilities !

6 2.1 Watch and Reflect on KIPP Empower Blended Learning Station Rotation Model

eduCanon is a free, web-based platform that allows teacher to build formative assessments right on top of any YouTube or Vimeo video. Once you sign up for an account, you are given access to a lesson builder, where you select a YouTube video, then create your own multiple-choice questions to go along with it. You can build your own library of video-based lessons, and even maximize higher-level thinking by asking students to create their own eduCanon lessons.

In this unit we are using eduCanon to reflect on an inspiring video about Blended Larning rotation.

7 2.2 View and analyze UNIS J2 Blended Learning Pilot project

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Google slides allow you to do some slideshows that you can embed within your page in UNIS connect. It's also a great tool to allow students to collaborate using their UNIS gmail accunt.

8 2. Share your reflection

Voicethread allows all voices to be equally shared and visible to all, it's a great tool for peer sharing and for reflective activity.

In this unit teachers are invited to answer by adding a comment on this Voicethread. It can be recording of  voice, a video recording, a text comment, a drawing.

9 4.5 What would be your favorite tool to use/learn ?

Free, Paid

Tricider is a foolproof tool for querying knowledge, as structure for discussions and feedback on the course's topics. It can be use to brainstorm, collect ideas, discuss and vote.