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Bison and the Railroad

westward expansion
Staci D.
Classroom teacher
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My Grades 5
My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies

The students will develop an understanding of why the settlers needed to build the railroad.  They will also understand the impact that the bison had on both the building of the railroad and the relationships between Native Americans and white settlers.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 5
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1 Hook

Free, Paid

As a whole group we will watch a video about the bison of the great plains.  The video also touches on the building of the transcontinental railroad.

Student Instructions

Watch the video and make notes about why the settlers needed the railroad and how the bison impacted the railroad.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Other — Google Slides

The teacher will go through a short Google slides presentation about the railroad and the bison.

Student Instructions

Students will be attentive during the presentation and take notes as needed.

3 Independent Work

Google Drive
Free, Paid

The teacher will post an assignment on Google classroom that will take students into a Google doc.  On the assignment they will read passages about the bison and the railroad and respond to questions about the reading.

Student Instructions

Students will open their assignment in Google classroom.  The will read the passages and respond to the questions on the assignment.  After they finish, they will turn in their work through Google classroom and then save it in their folder on their Google drive.  They will use the files located in their Westward Expansion folder to study for their test. 

4 Group Practice

Free, Paid

The teacher will make a Kahoot! about the bison and the transcontinental railroad during Westward Expression.  The teacher will play the game whole group with the students. 

Student Instructions

Students will participate in a Kahoot! game to review what they have learned about the bison and the transcontinental railroad.

5 Assessment/Wrap-Up

Activity: Other — flubaroo and google forms

The teacher will create a Google forms quiz that the students will take as an exit slip to show what they have learned about the bison and the transcontinental railroad during westward expansion. After the quiz, the teacher will receive a spreadsheet in Google drive to show the students' responses.  The teacher will then use the responses as a formative assessment to see if the students acheived the learning objective and if they are ready to move on to new content. 

Student Instructions

Students will take their quiz through Google forms to show what they have learned about the bison and the transcontinental railroad.